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Luxury White Kitchen Remodel

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Transform Your Bakersfield Kitchen Into The Heart Of Your Home

Your kitchen should be the lively heart of your Bakersfield home—a welcoming space where you make memories, rejoice, and host gatherings. When your kitchen no longer aligns with your lifestyle, kitchen remodeling can breathe fresh vitality and intention into it.


Design and construct a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle and aesthetic tastes in Bakersfield. Whether you envision a warm space for family dinners or a sophisticated setting for entertaining friends, kitchen remodeling will elevate your living experience.

Popular Upgrades For Kitchen Remodeling In Bakersfield

Butler’s Pantry

Enhance the convenience and organization of your kitchen remodel with a touch of timeless luxury. A butler's pantry will evoke a sense of sophistication that elevates your everyday living.

Lighting Upgrades

Infuse your Bakersfield kitchen with a sense of warmth and elegance, transforming ordinary meal preparation into an inspiring culinary experience.

Layout Reconfiguration

Design a kitchen that improves productivity, promotes connection, and creates unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Cast a gentle glow on your counters that enhances functionality and ambiance, transforming ordinary meal preparation into an intimate and inspiring culinary experience.

Floating Shelves

Breathe life into your culinary creations and create an open and airy space, blending form and function in a way that celebrates your unique style.

Fixture Upgrades

Bring sophistication and style to the heart of your home by incorporating modern fixtures. Blend form and function to reflect your individual taste.

Farm Sink

Farmhouse sinks bring a rustic charm and classic sophistication to your daily routine, allowing you to connect with tradition and express the warmth of your Bakersfield home.

Pot Filler

Infuse a touch of professional elegance, elevating the joy of cooking into a seamless experience that enhances both convenience and the pleasure of culinary creativity.

Upgraded Cabinet Hardware

Enhance the appearance of your cabinets with delightful finishing touches, transforming a functional area into an expression of your unique style.

Additional Flooring

Extend your new kitchen flooring to the rest of your home during a remodel to create a seamless flow of beauty and harmony, weaving together spaces that resonate with comfort, warmth, and a unified sense of home.

Premium Tile

Add beauty and sophistication to your kitchen remodel with premium tiles, transforming your culinary space into an expression of your personality and creating a welcoming stage for family gatherings.

Baseboard Installation

Frame your space in elegance and warmth, and transform your kitchen and other rooms into a cohesive expression of your style and love for your Bakersfield home.

Smart Controls

Embrace a seamless blend of modern convenience and personalized comfort, turning your kitchen into a responsive haven that understands and enhances your daily routine.

Custom Cabinets

Enhance your cooking experience with custom cabinets that perfectly match your style and needs.

Luxury Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Licensed And Certified

Revitalize Your Bakersfield Kitchen With A Modern Touch

Imagine the allure and efficiency of cutting-edge appliances, intelligent storage solutions, and modern finishes in Bakersfield. Through kitchen remodeling, you can forge a streamlined layout that optimizes space and enriches the workflow.


Consider the joy and creativity that will flourish in a Bakersfield kitchen where everything is where you need it. Design a space that’s perfect for your needs and style, making every moment in your kitchen a delightful experience.

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With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Bakersfield Custom Remodeling brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project. Our expertise in home transformations ensures that we craft your living space with precision, quality, and a personal touch that feels uniquely yours.

Transparent Communication From Start To Finish

Your home is a personal sanctuary, and we honor that by being completely transparent and honest through all phases of your remodeling or ADU project. From choosing materials to following up, our commitment to clear communication ensures you're involved every step of the way.

Efficient & Thoughtful Construction

We understand how important your home is to you. That's why our team and dedicated business partners adhere to our timeline without sacrificing quality. At Bakersfield Custom Remodeling, we blend efficiency with a thoughtful approach, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality sooner than you imagined.

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*Prices are averages and may vary depending on the size of your project and the materials used. You will get an exact quote for your unique project after the on-site consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Kitchen Remodelers In Bakersfield, CA

How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Bakersfield, CA?

The cost of a kitchen remodel in Bakersfield, CA, varies based on the level of customization and the materials used. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Standard remodel, including semi-custom cabinets, updated lighting configuration, new countertops, and new tile backsplash, starts at $45k.
  • Deluxe remodel, with similar features as the standard but potentially higher-grade materials, starts at $70k.
  • Premium remodel, offering a reconfigured layout, custom cabinets, custom lighting configuration, high-grade quartz countertops, and premium tile backsplash, starts at $100k.

Please note that these prices are averages and may vary depending on the specific size of your project and the materials chosen. We will provide an exact quote after your on-site consultation.

The timeline for a kitchen remodel in Bakersfield depends on the complexity and level of customization:

  • A standard remodel typically takes 2–4 months to complete.
  • A deluxe remodel may take slightly longer, around 3–4 months.
  • A premium remodel, with more extensive changes and customizations, can take 4–6 months.

These estimates provide a general idea, but the exact timeline may vary based on your kitchen remodeling project’s specific requirements and scope.

Yes, in California, you will likely need a permit for kitchen remodeling unless you are undertaking a simple upgrade, such as repainting existing cabinets or changing a countertop.

Permits are required to ensure the remodeling work is legal and meets safety standards. If your kitchen remodeling project involves more extensive changes, such as altering the layout, plumbing, or electrical configurations, obtaining the necessary permits is essential to comply with local building codes and regulations. As your kitchen remodeler, we will get the required permits for you.

Yes, living in your Bakersfield home during a kitchen remodel is possible, though there are specific challenges you’ll need to prepare for. Cooking and meal preparation may become more complicated as we demo and redesign your kitchen space. 

If you decide to remain in your home during the remodeling, our kitchen remodelers will establish a temporary kitchen for you. This provisional arrangement will allow you to maintain your daily activities with as little interruption as possible, ensuring your comfort as we craft the kitchen of your dreams.